• Justin Crisp

Streamlog 1: see me roll'n

Thank you for those that tuned into my second consecutive stream, I hope to keep it up and produce better content everyday!

Today I got a lot done, and I can feel my UE4 skills improving. Today I added rolling, attacking, and blocking animations into the hero character for the soulslike RPG.

Some things are still a little off, for one the jumping was actually fixed today as well. I instead changed the JumpHeight variable (which determines which animation in blendspace we use) to be relative not to velocity (as it was before), but rather the players current location minus the players initial world position. Only issue I see with this so far is if the player travels up hills or other bodies that change the players world position. I may need to have an update function that tracks world position for the player at all times...

Next time I will be hopefully enabling movement during attacks using a special blend tool.

Additionally, I would like to start transitioning into the SYNTY Studios assets that I purchased on Unity awhile ago. This will give a larger selection of animations, and customization of characters in future.

Special shout out to Dallak for following me today!!

Thank you so much to tuning in and engaging with the stream, I hope to continuously make it better for all of you who join :)

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