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Streamlog 0: New Beginnings

I am back on Twitch! My goal is to stream 4 hours of game development every morning from 9am - 1pm PDT, and follow up with a gaming stream from 5pm - 12am PDT. For this first log I will recap the first half of the days stream.

Unreal Engine 4 Game Development: Souls Like RPG

Its been a while since I have streamed and so for the first hour I was struggling setting up the actual stream itself. After, I started working on an on-going Udemy course that teaches multiplayer soulslike RPG development in UE4. I use this course to loosely guide my development. Today I focused on getting jump animations to work.

In Unreal you can transition animations by transitioning from animation states. The first state I have is Idle/Jog/Sprint, the second would be to Jump. The issue was that the Udemy course wanted to create a state for each Jump animation itself. I thought this would be bad practice though because Unreal has 'blend Spaces' specifically for this (at least I think). So instead I created two blend spaces. One for the upward jump and the other for the falling part of the jump. This uses two states, and transitions based on the value of the players 'Z' velocity value. If the velocity is positive we are moving upward, if it is negative then transition down. If we are at '0' then stop the falling animation.

I was able to get it work, but there is a strange issue with the timing of the animation, where I think it loops one to many times. TBC!

Special shoutout to my newest follower AZEDYN!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to watch my stream :)

Stay tuned at 5pm PDT I will be going live with WOW Classic Shadow Priest Leveling!!

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